Explore the natural world around you while contributing to scientific research!

May 5-8, 2021!

Science is all around us! For this year’s Science Festival, COSI invites you to celebrate that science and even contribute to scientific research by participating in Ohio’s very own BioBlitz!

What is a BioBlitz? It is a way for our community to work together to find as many species as possible in Ohio during the four days of the Science Festival. COSI is inviting individuals, families, schools, and organizations to participate by simply snapping photos of plants and animals in the wild. Using the iNaturalist platform, our observations will be tracked and made available to naturalists and researchers. Let’s explore Ohio’s biodiversity!

Follow the BioBlitz!

 How do I participate in the BioBlitz?

  1. Download the free app, iNaturalist, and create a profile.
  2. Observe a plant or animal in the wild: Using the app, take a clear, focused photo (or a few) of the organism. Upload it as an observation, and congrats – you have made your first observation!
  3. Learn from the community – naturalists and other community members will help you to identify the organism.

Make as many observations as you want. We will be keeping track to see how many different species we can identify as a community during the BioBlitz!



Still have questions?

Watch COSI Director of Science Content Dr. Marci Howdyshell explain what Citizen Science is, share stories of scientists who use iNaturalist to inform their research, and provide a primer on using the iNaturalist platform so that you will be ready to start observing!





 Win a one-on-one Zoom with Coyote Peterson!

How to enter:

  1. Be a resident of the state of Ohio
  2. Participate in the COSI BioBlitz May 6-9th, as explained on this page!
  3. On either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – share that you’re participating in the BioBlitz by including the following:
    • The #COSIBioBlitz hashtag
    • Your iNaturalist username
    • Example post: “I’m participating in the #COSIBioBlitz to win a Zoom call with Coyote Peterson! My username is [USERNAME] on iNaturalist, come see what I’ve found!”
    • Including the hashtag and your iNaturalist username within your post will ensure that you are successfully entered to be in the running.
  4. Be in the top 500 for most observations on the iNaturalist leaderboard on the project page.
  5. The individual with the most observations on the iNaturalist leaderboard will be selected as the winner and be contacted by COSI via social media.
  6. For complete contest rules and terms and conditions, click here.