Hands-on-lab by Augment Therapy to experience the new frontier of augmented reality exercise

Date: 5/4/2023
Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

We are pleased to celebrate this year’s COSI Science Festival by providing an engaging augmented reality exercise session with Augment Therapy on May 4 from 12-1pm at the University of Dayton.  Open to University of Dayton students and faculty.   

Augment Therapy is an award-winning digital health company that engages patients of all ages and ability levels in immersive, gamified technology to enhance rehabilitative healthcare. Attendees will be offered an opportunity to engage in several immersive exercise experiences through the Augment Therapy session and learn more about digital tools in healthcare and rehabilitation.

Advantages to Augment Therapy:
– Engaged Gamified Experiences
– Multiple languages are available
– Full body skeletal tracking using computer vision technology
– No wearables needed
– All ages, all ability levels – Pediatric, Adult & Complex Care Content Versatility
– HIPAA & SOC2 Compliant
– Full Body Objective data tracking & collection
– Unlimited User Sessions
– Meets definition of an FDA medical device

Therapy through fun evidence-based gamified exercise offers a more engaging experience for patients while providers can easily monitor progress at any time. Engaged patients results in increased exercise, thus improving outcomes and ultimately equaling lower cost of care.

To learn more about Augment Therapy, please visit www.augmenttherapy.com.

Price: Free
Registration: No registration required.

Host Information:

University of Dayton

1401 S Main St, Dayton, OH 45409

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