2019 Festival Event:

Origins of the Tremper Animal Effigy Pipes

City: Columbus

Be an Anthropologist: Assistant Curator of Archaeology, Juli Six will give a hands-on presentation about the Tremper pipes in the “Following in Ancient Footsteps” exhibit. These extraordinary pipes were part of a cache of over 500 artifacts excavated in 1915 by Ohio History Connection archaeologists. Over 100 unique animal effigy pipes were expertly crafted by artisans of the ancient American Indian Hopewell culture 2,000 years ago. The pipes were made from local Ohio pipestone quarried a mile away from the site... or so we thought! New mineral analysis technologies have allowed archaeologists to trace the sources of the raw materials to surprising origins.

Presented by: Ohio History Connection

Event Series: Be A Scientist!
Audience(s): Families (adults & kids together)


Ohio History Center
800 E. 17th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43211



2019-05-03T17:00:00.000Z to 2019-05-03T19:00:00.000Z






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