2019 Festival Event:

Banding Native Migratory Songbirds

City: Columbus

Be an Ornithologist: Every year millions of songbirds migrate through Ohio; we will set up nets to capture and band some of these birds, providing the opportunity to examine them up close and learn about their adaptations and long-distance travel.

Parking details:
Parking will be in Gold Lot at Ohio Dominican University. From Sunbury Road turn west (at traffic signal) into large parking lot. After parking, walk across Sunbury Road (at traffic light) and continue until descending a set of concrete steps. At the bottom of the steps is where the event will be held.

Presented by: Ohio Dominican University

Event Series: Be A Scientist!
Audience(s): Middle School Families (adults & kids together) Early Childhood (birth-kindergarten) 21+ Adults Elementary School High School


Ohio Dominican University
1216 Sunbury Rd.
Columbus, OH 43219



2019-05-02T12:00:00.000Z to 2019-05-02T15:00:00.000Z






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