2019 Festival Event:

Be a Museum Curator: Artifact, fossil, and bone identification workshop

City: Columbus

Have you ever found a something that you think might be a fossil or an ancient stone tool while digging in your garden or while out hiking? Or are you just interested in finding out what to do if you ever do come across something like that?

Come to the Ohio History Center on May 1st from 2-4 pm where museum curators will be available to identify your discoveries as well as share examples from the Ohio History Connection's collections of the kinds of artifacts and fossils you just might find around central Ohio. And if you've found something really interesting, the museum staff will let you know how to add information about your discovery to a scientific database so it will help scientists to learn more about Ohio's history.

Who knows? You may have the next great scientific discovery sitting in your junk drawer. Come to the Ohio History Center and find out!

Presented by: Ohio History Connection

Event Series: Be A Scientist!
Audience(s): Families (adults & kids together)


Ohio History Center
800 E. 17th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43212



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