2019 Festival Event:

Citywide Star Party: Space-Grant Star Gaze at Land-Grant

City: Columbus - Franklinton

Join us in the Beer Garden to gaze at the stars above while sipping on our annual Space-Grant beer offering. Our Space-Grant: Tranquility Base Black IPA is inspired by the depths of space, and the Space-Grant University program (an offshoot of the Land-Grant program)--so, what better way to enjoy this brew than by sharing it with the stars. Raise your glass to the heavens and marvel at this spectacular force of nature.

Presented by: Land-Grant Brewing Company
Collaborating Partners: Buckeye Space Launch Initiative, Cincinnati Astronomical Society

Event Series: Citywide Star Party Adult Science Series
Audience(s): 21+


Land-Grant Brewing Company Beer Garden
424 W Town St
Columbus, OH 43215


2019-05-04T00:30:00.000Z to 2019-05-04T03:59:00.000Z




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