2019 Festival Event:

It's Not A Copperhead: Debunking Snake Myths in Ohio

City: Columbus

Be a Herpetologist: "Snakes are slimy!" "Snakes sting with their tongues!" "The only good snake is a dead snake!" Have you heard these untrue statements before? Have you ever wondered what a herpetologist does? Curator of Natural History Erin Cashion will clear up the misinformation surrounding snakes, and describe how snakes are unique and what they do to help humans and ecosystems. She'll also share ID and safety tips and discuss a few famous herpetologists and their work. After the talk, visitors will have an opportunity to meet a live Gray Rat Snake and a Western Hognose Snake!

Ample and free parking! Main museum entrance is at ground level and well marked with a sign stating its hours of operation.

Presented by: Ohio History Connection

Event Series: Be A Scientist!
Audience(s): Families (adults & kids together) Adults Elementary School Middle School High School Early Childhood (birth-kindergarten)


Ohio History Center
800 East 17th Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43211



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