2019 Festival Event:

Back to School: The Science of Play

City: Columbus

Be a Scientist: Come back with us, to a simpler time filled more with wonder than deadlines. A time that includes exploration and discovery, along with the hilarity and fun that ensues when we play.

Did you know that a child gets to play around 1,800 days before entering kindergarten? Between six weeks and five years of age is a crucial time in a child’s life in which they learn about the world around them; about themselves and others. At South Side Learning & Development Center we know that play is the most natural way a child learns and a critical component in a child’s development. It is essential to the social, emotional, physical and cognitive well-being of a child.

South Side Learning & Development Center is thrilled to partner with COSI to host this hands-on event, “The Science of Play” that will highlight the developmental benefits of play for children. You will be able to play games - race through an obstacle course on a tricycle or tinker and discover just like our students during this "play-as-you-learn, 18 and older event” (that's preschool - without the kids!).

And the fun doesn’t have to end! You will have access to a digital archive of games and activities that you can experience with your family at home – that way you can play freely! By adding attunement, body and movement, imagination and pretend, object, social, and creative play into your family’s daily lives, you will encourage the happy and healthy development of your child.

Put May 2nd on your calendar, bring your creativity, curiosity and come, “Back to School: The Science of Play!” For more information visit: https://www.southsidelearning.org/cosiscifest

Parking details:
The school is located at 280 Reeb Avenue. Our entrance is off the parking lot (on the back side of the building) on the corner of Innis Ave and Washington Ave.

To access our parking lot, go down Innis Ave from High St (the lot is on your left just before Washington). If on Reeb Ave, turn right on 8th St and turn right again onto Innis Ave.

Presented by: South Side Early Learning

Event Series: Adult Science Series
Audience(s): Adults


South Side Early Learning
Reeb Avenue Center Gym
280 Reeb Avenue
Columbus, OH 43207



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Please consider making a $5 donation to support high-quality early learning.



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