2019 Festival Event:

Science Trivia at Flavor 91 Burger Bistro

City: Columbus

How long does it take light to travel from the sun to the Earth? How many bones are in the human body? Think you know it all when it comes to SCIENCE? Prove it during the upcoming COSI Science Festival with fun, fast, FREE, buzzer-style trivia nights. Each night will include four rounds, with five questions and six categories per round for a total of 120 questions per night. Science trivia categories range from facts about the COSI Science Festival to astronomy, to science songs, to women in science, to science in pop culture, the list goes on – you get it!

Winners will take home prizes including passes to attend COSI After Dark and COSI Science Festival swag PLUS your photos will be shared in COSI’s and Excesss Trivia's social media to make sure the world knows you rule in SCIENCE trivia!

Presented by: Excesss Trivia

Event Series: Adult Science Series
Audience(s): Adults


Flavor 91 Burger Bistro
5186 E. Main St.
Columbus, OH 43213


2019-05-02T23:00:00.000Z to 2019-05-03T01:00:00.000Z




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