2019 Festival Event:

Stuffed Animal Vet Clinic

City: Worthington

Be a Veterinarian: Bring your favorite stuffed animal to the Worthington Community Center and learn about becoming a veterinarian.

A veterinarian will teach you how to check your pet, and talk about what happens when your pet visits the vet. We will also have crafts and games for you and your pet.

Presented by: Worthington Parks and Recreation Department
Collaborating Partner: The Animal Hospital of Worthington

Event Series: Be A Scientist!
Audience(s): Early Childhood (birth-kindergarten)


Worthington Community Center
345 E Wilson Bridge Rd.
Worthington, OH 43085


2019-05-02T20:00:00.000Z to 2019-05-02T20:45:00.000Z


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