2019 Festival Event:

TI STEM Squad - Indianola Informal K-8

City: Columbus

Be a Programmer: TI's STEM Squad visits school campuses across the country, offering project-based learning activities that make important STEM concepts relevant in real-world, meaningful ways. TI has put together a selection of fun and simple activities that introduce students from middle school through high school to STEM, coding and the basics of engineering design. For example, students can learn how to program an alarm that alerts an owner if they forget their pet in a hot car. Or, kids can experiment with robotics as they learn to program a calculator-controlled robotic car to navigate around a city visiting different landmarks. The STEM Squad is on a mission to keep kids engaged in math, science and engineering and show them that learning STEM subjects can be fun.

Presented by: Texas Instruments

Event Series: School Program
Audience(s): Elementary School Middle School


Indianola Informal K-8
251 East Weber Rd.
Columbus, OH



2019-05-03T12:30:00.000Z to 2019-05-03T18:30:00.000Z






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