2020 Festival Event:

Back to School: The Science of Play

City: Columbus

When was the last time you played? By yourself or with your friends? As adults, we sometimes forget how important playing can be. Especially for a developing mind and body. Which is why South Side Early Learning is dedicated to Science and Play!

Save-the-Date and plan to join us for this "Adults Only" event on May 6, 2020 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm for a multitude of activities that might tickle your funny bone while inspiring your creativity. Learn how you can incorporate science into play at home and in the classroom. Come be the architect of your own magnificent structure, create a 3-dimensional art masterpiece, or explore air movement at this exciting event.

Put May 6th on your calendar, bring your creativity, curiosity and come play!

Presented by: South Side Early Learning
Collaborating Partner: Parsons North Brewing

Event Series: Adult Science Series
Audience(s): Adults


South Side Early Learning
280 Reeb Avenue
Columbus, OH 43207


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