2020 Festival Event:

Forensics: Uncovering the Story Hidden in Bones

City: Columbus

We are super excited to be partnering with Seventh Son Brewing, one of our absolute favorite Cbus breweries to bring you "Forensic Anthropology and Wildlife Forensics: Uncovering the Story Hidden in Bones," a free pub talk that provides insider insight into what it means to be a forensic anthropologist!

Bones can tell you a lot of fascinating and surprising information about how an individual lived, how they died, and what happened to them after death. Forensic anthropologists use knowledge gleaned from bones to assist law enforcement, forensic pathologists, and sometimes juries, to assemble and present a case. This pub talk will detail the process involved in each case from digging in the ground to lab analysis and courtroom testimony. Famous cases will highlight the role forensic anthropologists play in crime scene data collection and recovery of deceased individuals. During hands-on activities, participants will try out some of the methods forensic anthropologists use to construct a biological profile, determine time since death, and analyze trauma.

This event is first come first serve. If you are unable to attend the first portion of the event due to space issues there will still be time after the presentation to come and check out the interactive portion of our event. So, if you miss us the first time around, please stay, enjoy one of Seventh Son's phenomenal beers, and then come visit us around 6:45 PM to chat bones. :). But forensics isn’t just about people anymore! New for this year will be a section on Wildlife Forensics. We’ll talk about the field of forensics as it is applied to diseases, injuries, and crimes involving wildlife. Learn how to look for clues in the bones to help provide information about the health and cause of death of wild animals, and how zoologists can assist law enforcement when animals are the victims.

Presented by: OSU's Anthropology Public Outreach Program (APOP) and the Ohio History Connection
Collaborating Partner: Seventh Son Brewing

Event Series: Adult Science Series
Audience(s): Adults


Seventh Son Brewing
1101 N. 4th St.
Columbus, OH 43201


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