Applications for the 2021 Big Science Celebration are now open.

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The Big Science Celebration is the culminating event of the COSI Science Festival. For 2021, we will be hosting a digital celebration. As in years past, this event is meant to engage the public in an interactive, hands-on way with some aspect of science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics. As an exhibitor, you can help the public understand what your organization does for our community and beyond as well as help address workforce challenges by bridging the STEM skills gap and allowing our community’s children to see themselves in scientists and scientists in themselves. Our primary target audience will be families with school-aged children, with a special focus on those with limited access to science education resources.

Exhibitor fees are waived this year, as the event will be completely digital. Digital “booths” will include a short 3-5 minute video demonstrating the activity/type of activity you would have conducted in person at the festival. Videos can be simple and filmed on your cell phone.  Make sure the sound quality is good, and the activity can clearly be seen.

On your application, please communicate each and every experiment you wish to demonstrate, and please plan for separate videos for each demonstration. “Space” is still limited, but we will do our best to help everyone achieve their educational goals.


Tips and tricks for a successful Big Science Celebration Exhibitor Booth:

Be Prepared – Safety first! Set a good example and practice safe science for attendees. Use goggles, gloves, lab coats, etc.

Know Your Audience – Be careful not to use too many technical words and terms. When technical terms are needed, be sure to take the extra time to explain.

Grab Their Attention – Be engaging and outgoing! Smile and have fun! This is your chance to show your passion to the next generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not this year! In 2021 we will once again be hosting a digital event, but expect us back in person and outside in 2022.

If this case arises we will contact each group. Given this is a digital festival versus in person we will work to identify other activities.

Not for the 2021 digital festival.

We ask that we be notified of any cancellations as soon as possible. Contact

The registration form allows you to identify all video assets you will be creating. This is important to make sure we lay out the webpage correctly.