The COSI Science Festival helps to build a diverse STEM workforce through exposing individuals to science and technology where they live, learn, and lounge.

4 days of hands-on science


The COSI Science Festival is fueled by partnership and built on collaboration. With businesses, community organizations, educational institutions, civic leaders, and industry joining forces, the COSI Science Festival features a unique, partner-based model that ensures the benefits of the festival reach a diverse audience across a wide geography, while also ensuring each festival event has its own distinct science flair.

Community Partners

Learning Lunchboxes

The impact and engagement of these STEM events will be amplified by the distribution of COSI Learning Lunchbox education kits. Learning Lunchboxes are interactive science kits filled with all supplies needed for five fun STEM activities and additional exciting learning resources. Fun for the whole family and perfect for school-age learners, all Learning Lunchbox content is aligned with national learning guidelines and standards.

Learning Lunchboxes
5 STEM Stars

The STEM Star initiative honors ordinary people doing extraordinary work, bringing awareness and well-deserved recognition to the local scientists who are powering the innovations of tomorrow. The 2023 COSI Science Festival will feature 5 STEM Stars, nominated by the public and selected by the COSI Committee. STEM Stars will be honored at the Big Science Celebration and may be featured on local media outlets. Read more about STEM Stars here!

Learning Lunchbox

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Access the 2022 impact report here:

Frequently Asked Questions

This year, the COSI Science Festival will be 4 days, May 3 – 6, 2023. May 3 – 5 will be three days of events throughout Ohio, and the Big Science Celebration will be at COSI on May 6, 2023 from 11am – 5pm.

Community events will be spread throughout the state of Ohio. Not everyone can make it to COSI, and we want to ensure the COSI Science Festival is as accessible as possible.

The Big Science Celebration will be on May 6, 2023 from 11am – 5pm at COSI.

Individual community events will be decided on a case by case basis, but the Big Science Celebration will be rain or shine. We’ll put in a request for sunny and 72, but we all know how Ohio weather is.

COSI is still open on the day of the Big Science Celebration, general admission rates apply.

Maybe you are working on a school project or are still curious about a topic after a visit to COSI. Ask our Department of Science Content your science questions! You can submit your questions here – [email protected]

There are a variety of ways. Each community will decide where the free Learning Lunchboxes will make the most impact, but kits are always available to be purchased online at cosi.org/kits, or in person at COSI. There area also a huge variety of free activities available through COSI Connects at cosi.org/connects.

About COSI

Since 1964, COSI has grown alongside our community to provide critical, relevant, and accessible science education. Named the #1 Science Center in the Nation by USA TODAY in 2020 and 2021, COSI is uniquely positioned to connect learners of all ages with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and to help restore society’s trust in the power of science. We have sparked interest in STEM and related careers for countless learners, and each year our onsite, offsite, and online experiences reach over one million people. COSI, like science, is for everyone: all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. We serve as a pillar of learning and are a cultural cornerstone, committed to meeting STEM literacy, workforce development, and accessible education needs throughout our diverse community. Accessible STEM education is as critical as ever. The programmatic innovations, shifts, and adaptations that COSI adopted in 2020 due to the challenges of COVID-19 will carry forward, enhancing our crucial role in bringing STEM education to all learners as we cultivate a scientifically literate society by meeting learners where they are.