community STEM events

community STEM events

From May 3-5, attend exciting community STEM events to explore the science taking place within your own community.

Experience behind the scenes tours, educational talks, nature walks, and more at events hosted by local organizations, companies, and individuals. These community STEM events highlight the science that is all around us by connecting us with those who interact with it every day, and showcase how much it benefits our daily lives.

Check back in spring of 2023 for the full list.

Types of Events

Be a Scientist
Be a Scientist, which inspires us to see science in our everyday lives while sparking visions of STEM career paths. Past “Be a Scientist” events include conversations with real NASA astronauts and scientists; a Learning Lunchbox STEM kit demonstration led by 2020 Miss America Winner and biochemist Camille Schrier; an explosive live show from a local glassblower; a STEM contest to meet YouTube star and wildlife educator Coyote Peterson; and more.
Adult Science Series
Adult Science Series shows how you can never be too old to have fun with science. We have something for everyone, including adults. These events engage adult crowds in exciting learning experiences ranging from fun science trivia, to brewery tours, to content geared towards an 18+ crowd. *some events may require 21+ to attend
Bioblitz Citizen Science Series
A BioBlitz is a way for our community to work together to find as many species as possible in Ohio by taking pictures of plants and animals and uploading to the iNaturalist app. While you can participate on your own anywhere, you can also join your community and take part in Bioblitz themed events with others at parks and natural spaces, all while contributing to real scientific research.

Check back in spring 2023
to explore and search all the events!