2022 Event Proposal Submissions are now closed!

At this time, we are planning for the 2022 COSI Science Festival to return to a predominately in-person celebration. If you prefer to host a digital event, please reach out to Alan Goss at [email protected].

The COSI Science Festival relies on businesses, organizations, museums, cultural and educational institutions, scientists, engineers, designers, and technologists to contribute content to programs, host events, and create STEM projects during the COSI Science Festival. Join us in our effort to develop high-impact programs that elevate science literacy in our community and beyond.

We believe something really special happens when people come together to inspire their community through creative collaboration. Join us in our mission to rally STEM professionals and leading organizations from across the Columbus region to create an epic celebration of everything STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)!

Important Dates Timeline
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Event Categories/Themes

One of the primary goals of the COSI Science Festival is to make sure that quality science engagement opportunities take place all throughout Central Ohio. In order to expand the reach of the Festival, geographically diverse organizations are needed to host events that fall into the categories below.

Be a Scientist

Be A Scientist Series

Host an event at your location displaying the cool STEM you do! Be A Scientist events provide behind-the-scenes access to the region’s labs, nature centers, museums, and more to learn what STEM experts do on a daily basis – all while having fun!

Adult Science Series

Adult Science Series

Whether your event requires attendees to be 21+ or is simply content for an older audience, help us prove that it’s never too late to have fun with science!

Have an event idea that doesn’t fit in one of the above categories? Not a problem. You can always submit a proposal for any event idea that you have.


Details for Hosting an Event

  • Event costs and materials are provided entirely by the event host and/or partners.
  • Event hosts must participate in planning calls, event check-ins, and/or rehearsals.
  • Event must take place during the festival May 4 – 6, 2022 but not on May 7th, the final day when the Big Science Celebration takes place at COSI.
  • The event may be free (or free with admission) or ticketed to cover production costs only.
  • Events should be fun, clever, interactive, experiential, and meaningful, with a focus on drawing connections to STEM.

What does CSF provide to host organizations?

  • Support and guidance throughout the planning process
  • Scheduling and platform help
  • Planning calls and trainings for hosts
  • Connections to other CSF Partners for collaboration on your event
  • Connections to area STEM experts for added event content
  • Marketing support and promotional materials


How do I submit an event idea?
Click on the button below to submit your 2022 COSI Science Festival community event proposal.

Can we host multiple events?
If you have more than one event idea, and the resources to make them successful, we welcome your proposals. Please do a separate proposal for each event idea.
Can I have an event that repeats multiple times during the week?
Of course! If you have the ability to offer a repeat of your program, please include that information in your proposal.
If we have an event during the week, do we still need to submit a proposal for a Big Science Celebration exhibitor booth during the week if we want to join that too?
Yes, we’ll need different information to host you at the Big Science Celebration. See the Become an Exhibitor page for more information on how to join.
What if we don’t have the capacity to be responsible for taking the lead on an event, can we still participate?
We encourage organizations to work together to plan events. The more collaboration, the better. We would be happy to recommend partners with whom you might share responsibility.
What do you mean by co-branding?
We ask that you use the COSI Science Festival logo in marketing or promotional material you create for your event.
Science Festival logos can be found here.
Why aren’t there any community events happening on the last day of the festival, May 7th, 2022?
The final day of the COSI Science Festival is reserved for the Big Science Celebration at COSI. We want to ensure that all businesses, universities, and organizations can host an exhibitor booth and all attendees can enjoy the culminating event of the COSI Science Festival.