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There’s a commonality of creativity driving arts and science, both are problem solving and render ideas about the world into a form that allows the viewer to connect. One way to make science more accessible is to highlight how science and art are connected. Whether you’ve got a scientist who isn’t afraid to perform on stage or someone who is painting a series of murals on lizards, we’re here to tell the public about it.

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The Columbus Poetry Cauldron (@Kafe Kerouac)

Atoms to Galaxies: Poetry (Open Mic) Unveiling the Wonders of Science

Embark on a unique journey where poetry meets science at The Columbus Poetry Cauldron's special event! Nestled in the heart of creativity at Kafe Kerouac, we're hosting an extraordinary Science-Themed Poetry Open Mic Night.

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Blom Books (@Columbus Metropolitan Library - Parsons Branch)

Create A Children’s Book Literacy Challenge

Sign up to take part in a Dinosaur themed story creation workshop from local authors Tracy Blom and Jesse Byrd, then submit a story of your own.

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Grove City Parks and Recreation and SWACO

Trash to Treasure

Did you know that each resident in Franklin County averages 4 to 5 pounds of waste everyday? Have you ever wondered where that waste goes? Join SWACO and Grove City Parks and Recreation as we learn about the science of the landfill and make some treasures out of the trash.

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Kingwood Center Gardens

COSI Science Festival Program: Pollinator Party Drop In

As part of the COSI Science Festival, celebrate pollinators and learn about their importance with a hands-on children's activity.

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Pickaway County Library

Monochromatic Art

Stop by the Pickaway County Library and test your art skills. We will be doing Monochromatic Art. You will choose one color of Hue and be given a canvas to paint your masterpiece!

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Blom Books (@Cincinnati Price Hill Branch Library Meeting Room 209)

Create A Children’s Book Literacy Challenge

Sign up to take part in a Dinosaur themed story creation workshop from local authors Tracy Blom and Jesse Byrd, then submit a story of your own.

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Crimson Coffee & Tea

Coffee Chemistry: Unraveling the science behind Coffee

There's a lot of science that goes into making a great cup of coffee. Unravel "The Science Behind Coffee" with us at Crimson's Coffee Chemistry event on Friday May 3rd from 3-6pm.

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We Amplify Voices

Grateful Mind WAVs: How Creating Art Affects your Brain

Join We Amplify Voices to explore the science behind the stress-relieving power of creativity while crafting a collective gratitude tree and personal grounding rock.

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Phoenix Rising Printmaking Co-Operative

The Science of Printmaking

Come explore how science and art work together during our open house! Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative presents 3 different informative stations to demonstrate how chemicals, UV rays, and machines all create different types of prints.

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Keep Columbus Beautiful

Trash Into Treasure: Upcycling Used Paper

Join Keep Columbus Beautiful's COSI Science Festival Community Event on Friday May 3rd, 2024 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM on our mission to turn 'trash' into treasure, starting with upcycling used paper into 'new' paper to be used again!

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Beckett Forge

Moving Metal

Stop by Beckett Forge to watch them demonstrate how malleable steel becomes once it is heated in the forge.

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The Fuse Factory Electronic and Digital Arts Lab (@Columbus Cultural Arts Center)

May 2024 Frequency Fridays

On the evening of Friday, May 3rd, we will be proudly presenting electronic didgeridoo player/video artist John Hardin, experimental performer/choreographer Saadia Rais, CG Ryan, Al DiLorenzo and Laura Feathers' multidisciplinary collaboration COLOURS, and jazz improviser Gerard Cox.